Thursday, August 13, 2015

Life is not eternal... Knowledge is.. Preserve it..

      What an irony it is... It's been a billion years of evolution and still we have not understood what really matters in life! What actually makes us human! What gives us the real existence.. Today I'm not gonna give you a lecture or another article that miniscule man's existence but the reality to what really matters and what really comprises of life.. Is it really the money that makes the human unforgettable, the stature that gives respect, the Grand heritage that makes someone memorable.

      I'm gonna cite few examples and let's see what actually makes us human.. Steve Jobs was worth in billions when he passed away.. May God rest his soul in peace. But do we actually remember that? Do we actually know his net worth? Do we have him as the money man imprinted on our minds? No the one thing that comes to your mind, the foremost thing is the revolution that he brought to the computing industry, to the mobile industry, the legacy of systems, machines that changed the way humans live.. That's what you know him of, remember him of. And that's what the future generations are gonna know of him. When some years later, a chapter of him is included in the textbooks that students will learn, will actually have the title as "Steve Jobs - The pioneer" not Steve Jobs the billionaire..

      Coming to my next example, do you actually remember the most respectable person in a country? The president! How many presidents do you actually remember that we have had in past 50 years.

      Try recollecting and I'm sure if you actually remember just five, you'll understand what I mean. But if I ask you that who is Bhagat Singh? I may get a very apt and a prompt response from you all because he did something which is memorable. The very fact that someone so young can actually be so passionate about his own country that he'll actually smile and hang to death is commendable.. Isn't it. The very fact that an entire nation stood up for someone who wasn't a known name because of his stature, because of his parent's legacy. It was because of the courage, the astounding perseverance that this man had, that makes him what he is today and will remain for generations to come..

      When we actually think of what we are, we just think of what we've achieved? How much have I earned? How much bank balance we have? Which car do I have? How big is the flat I live in. We never think of what we'll be remembered by.. You know if it wasn't for the knowledge that newton had, we wouldn't have had the most important laws for long time.. It's the knowledge the know how that actually matters, which actually make us who we are, and what we become. If a mother doesn't pass on the knowledge to cook to behave to her children, who else will..
The basic need and the plinth of civilization lies in the pure fact that knowledge needs to be passed on, needs to be conveyed to the forthcoming generations so that the values can be imparted the civilization can flourish. We utilize almost 2% of our brains and we call ourselves the most intelligent of all species. Dolphins use more % of brains than us. The only fact is they have knowledge may be more than us but that can be passed on only to their species not to us.. Well it can be done but only when someone! Someone reading this article has the courage to actually go out of bounds and think of a way to communicate with Dolphins to understand what knowledge can they deliver to us. So yes, it's the knowledge that matters, that actually make us believe that we've evolved.

Post By:- Rahul Talreja