Friday, December 5, 2014

Positivity can do Miracles

      Positive Thinking is the key to live a Happy Life. If you are positive in your daily work and daily life then you will surely love your life so much that you will never escape from it.

      But here, the question arrives that “How to stay Positive in life when life comes in front of you and push you down every time?” Well, the answer to that question is in the question itself. When life tries to push you down every time, then at that moment all you have to do is stop complaining and carry on with your work. No matter how hard it seems but when you cultivate a habit that every time when you are in difficulty you will stand up and fight it. Then there will come a time when life will get fed up to even bother you.

      If we notice carefully, then there is nothing difficult in life, you can experience this by yourself. Do you know why some people find something difficult but that same thing is easy to other person? The answer is simple, the person who feels something easy, is positive and will think positive about that work no matter what, while the first person who was finding it difficult will not.

      Let’s take a very common example which you all might had experienced or will experience at least once in lifetime. Remember the time, when there is final exam in just few days and you have to study for a subject. Then you all get tensed due to memorizing things and whether you will pass or get good marks or not. You might be thinking, “Yeah, that we know, so what?” Well, here if you analyze properly you will get to know few things. First, when you are not positive about your studies, no matter how much you study for that subject you will always feel that you had missed something or you don’t remember what you had learned properly. Resulting in getting tensed and you tend to revise those topics again and again and again. If you ask yourself just one question in this situation that why I’m doing this when I had already learned that topic? The Answer will come that you are not confident about your answer and why you are not confident because there is negativity filled in you. Negative thoughts make you worry about it and is wasting your precious time. What are those negative thoughts? They are thoughts like:
  • Whether I will Pass in this subject or not?
  • Whether I will score good marks or not?
  • What will my parents think if I fail or get less marks?
  • This subject is tough and it is out of understanding.

      These thoughts will only act as a rocking chair, it will keep you busy but you won’t get any good result out of it. You have to think again about this situation. Can these thoughts get you a Perfect score on your Marksheet? No. Then stop thinking like that. You have to start working instead of thinking, in order to get good result. If you want to think only then you can try to be positive. Secondly, if you are positive in this situation then even if you study on the very last day just before your exam then also you will be able to score a decent marks in that exam. Why? Because you were positive and you were not busy thinking about those useless thoughts. Your only focus was on studying that subject and not on thoughts. Positive thinking plays an important role here. The person who is positive, will tend to learn better than the ones who were not positive, even if he/she learned less than everyone out there. But still whatever they learned about the subject, they will remember it. Positive thinking can do wonders which many people don’t know.

Here, many of you may be thinking that in life it is not easy to stay positive all the time. To them I will say that staying positive in life is not easy and it is an illusion. While staying positive is also an illusion. But the illusion which you choose now will become your reality in future. That is, if you try to be positive now then being positive in the future will be easy. While, on the other hand if you chose the illusion which says that staying positive is not easy then in near future you will make your life even more difficult. Choice is in your hand, whether you want to live a better life by thinking positive or not. Nothing is difficult until you think it is difficult.

Lastly, I will end up with a quote saying,

Positive Thinking

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Follow your Heart

      One thing that you should all keep in your mind is that whatever you do in your life, you should do it with all your heart and not because you want to show off. We all are in that trap of Rat Race, where everyone wants to run and run and compete with others and do this and that. But the thing which a lot of people don't understand is that even if you win that race you still a Rat. So, what's the use of winning that race when in the end you are still a rat? Also, a lot of people say that when they become something in life and start earning some money, then they will follow their dreams and will achieve it and will come out of this rat race. But the fact is that when you are in that rat race and you are doing well in it, then a point will come when you should actually quit from that race but then you see a lot of money rolling in. So, you again go back to that race and instead of quitting, you resume it. And a thought will come to your mind that "Let it be, it doesn't make any difference". But actually it does make a difference because you are doing something which you don't like but you are still doing it.

      Many of us, say that when time comes they will do it, but nobody knows for how much time we are going to live. So, whatever you want to really do in your life do it now. There should be some hurry in starting the work which your heart says to do, because if that is not there then you will always procrastinate and delay that work and it will never be done. For example, if your heart says that you want to become a photographer, then go ahead, take a step, and do it. Don't waste your time thinking about how you will be doing it or you lack skills and all. In my opinion, just go ahead and start doing what your heart says and then later on you can think on it that what you should do in order to become an expert in that field. If you get an idea about something, go ahead and start implementing it immediately instead of thinking that you will do it few months later. When you start doing the things which you love and the things which your heart says, then you will feel wonderful and a point will come when you realize that the things which you were doing previously were actually a waste of time. This is the moment when you will start getting closer to success.

      There is a great quote which says, 
"Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt"

      Real success is not that what most of us think that gather some property and bank balance and keep running behind things you don't have and cry for it for the rest of your life. According to me the real success in life is "When you had done a lot of great things and even after that when you lose everything in your life, you can still die smiling".

Follow your heart.

Lastly, I would end up with a saying,

Follow your heart

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Overcoming the Stress

      Stress, a word, an action or someone's life. If I ask someone to explain what stress is and tell him to describe it, he wouldn't be able to. My question to you is how can you feel/get something and keep practicing it, when you simply can't even explain it?. A lot of people maybe opposing to the above but let's take an example, If I ask you Why are you hungry? or What is hunger? then within minutes you would be able to answer me with great detail and also some of you would show me some practical demonstration for it. So let me tell you what stress really is and how you can overcome it.

      If we google search and get the definition of stress? we will get, Stress is "A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances". So, if we take a look at our life and see what makes us stressful, the answer is exams, results, presentations, office life, work,etc. If you observe the definition you will see that it is written as a state of mind, that simply means getting stressed or not getting stressed is in your hand and not someone's else hand. So, be it your work, job or anything, getting stressed is not what you should do. Let's take an example of Exams which is a nightmare to many of us. A lot of people including me start preparing for exams a day or two before the exam day. Does that mean we should worry about starting it so late? Absolutely, NOT. The first thing you should do when you start preparing that late for exams is relax and see how much you can cover up within that time. If you can cover a lot of things within that time, then it's okay to start that late. But that is not a practical situation for people like me. So, you can do one thing, cover as much as you can within that time but make sure that whatever you cover is done thoroughly. By this you are creating a base for your next exam, though you might be getting an average marks on the current test but later on, you will be glad that you had studied that previous part already and so well that you don't even have to revise it.

During exams a lot of people get stress mainly because of 2 reasons:

  • They have not studied anything.
  • MARKS.

When we take a look at the first point, then stressing about it will not help you, nor will it help you to remember better during the exam. It could only make things worse. So, rather than taking tension, you could stay calm and study as much as you can. At least by doing this you will study something rather than stressing and messing things up. Secondly, marks are important to some extent, but marks don't define who you are and what you are capable of doing. Remember that all those innovators and great people out there weren't really toppers of their universities. They are who loved their work and were willing to work hard for it. For them, marks didn't matter. If the founder of Facebook thought that what would happen if facebook didn't turn out to be a good social networking site, then that tension would have made him give up on his project. Also, If Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Founder of Google), would have thought that making World's Best and Fastest Search Engine, requires a lot of work and is stressful to build. Then this state of mind would not have helped them instead they would have been demotivated by thinking this way. So, stress is just a word. It depends on you how you see it. If something or some work means something to you then you will do it, no matter what and you won't be stressed about it.

      By thinking of stress you are making your life complicated and unhappy. Stress is good, but only if it doesn't affect your performance or your level of happiness. Consider 2 guys who have to give presentations next week. Both guys are equally good in academics and they have started preparing for the presentation. At the end when the presentation day has come, the first guy backs out and doesn't give presentation simply because he was too stressed out and couldn't handle the pressure. While the other guy who was also stressed about whether his presentation would turn out good or not and whether he will be able to deliver it well enough, simply kept everything aside and went there to give a presentation. The result came out and he was one of the best presentator out of his batch mates. The reason was he converted his stress in small things which usually a lot of people do, like cracking some jokes, walking around a little bit on the stage, pausing for a moment, etc. And by all this he overcame what was troubling him and that was STRESS. Even if his presentation would not have gone well, at least he tried, so he stood out from all those who didn't even try, and that makes him a Winner. 

Demanding circumstances are there just to bring the best out of you. So, try giving it your best without stressing even for a minute.

Lastly, I will end up with a quote stating that,

Sunday, September 28, 2014


      I had came across this video and thought to share it with you guys. We should use social media to share happiness and maintain peace rather than spreading hatred in this world and towards each other. We all live in one world and what makes us Humans is humanity. Just because of some bad people doing some bad things in this world doesn't make everyone bad. Humanity is the virtue by which humans have evolved so much in this world. If we remove humanity from human beings then there will be not a single difference between humans and animals.

      Share Happiness and Peace towards each other and that will make this world a much better place to live in. Have a look at the video and watch it till the end, you will not regret it after watching it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

      Successful people in every field are often said to be "Blessed with talent" or even just lucky. But the truth is, many worked harder than the average person could ever imagine. From Executives like Howard Schultz to the athletes like Michael Jordan, these people are known for waking up early and working towards a goal while other people are still in bed, and staying later than everyone else too. Here are some examples of the successful people who have worked hard in order to achieve their goal,

      Michael Jordan, though he has got prodigious physical gifts, it was hard work that made him a legend. When he first entered the league, his jump shot wasn't good enough. He spent his off season taking hundreds of jumpers a day until it was perfect. Also in a piece at, Jackson(Jordan's long time coach) writes that Jordan's defining characteristic wasn't his talent, but having the humility to know he had to work constantly to be the best.

      Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz works from home even after putting in 13 hour days. Also, he continues talking to overseas employees even later at night from home. He goes into the office on Sundays and reads emails from thousands of his employees on Saturdays.

      Steve Jobs left incredibly big shoes for Tim Cook to fill. However, the man got the top job for a reason. He's always been a workaholic, Fortune reports that he begins sending emails at 4:30 in the morning. Also, a profile in Gawker reveals that he's the first in the office and last to leave. He used to hold staff meetings on Sunday night in order to prepare for Monday.

      Carlos Ghosn runs two of the world's largest automakers(i.e. Nissan and Renault), which should tell you something about his work ethic. A profile in Forbes describes how Ghosn works more than 65 hours a week, spends 48 hours a month in the air, and flies more than 150,000 miles a year. His turnaround of Nissan is the subject of many case studies. Within a month he deployed a system that completely changed ingrained practices, helping save a company many though irredeemable.

      Now, one of the most powerful and well known women in business, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi worked from midnight to 5 A.M. as a receptionist to earn money while getting her masters at Yale. In an interview for a speakers series at Pepsi, she describes coming in to work every day at 7, rarely leaving before eight, taking home bags of mail to read overnight, and wishing there were 35 hours a day in order to do more work. She did all of this while raising two young daughters.

      It is not always the talented people who are successful. People like these, work so hard in their life that no one can stop them from being successful. They make no excuse for their failures or problems, instead they overcome their problems and learn from it. There is a time  in everyone's life when you are not affected by your failures. At that point of time, no matter if one or one lac people come to stop you from achieving your goal, you will stand in front of them and will overcome all the obstacles. Also, many of you, give up when you get a lot of work or face a lot of pressure, but this is the actual moment where you're been tested by life and if you passed this test then no one can stop YOU.

At the end, I would like to share one of my observations through the following quote,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Rice Bucket Challenge

      Yes, you read it right - it is Rice Bucket challenge and not the Ice bucket challenge. A lot of people including, celebrities around the world have been donating to a good cause, for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) disease through the Ice Bucket Challenge. But here in India, as the country is suffering from high levels of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition, some people came up with an idea of Rice Bucket Challenge. This challenge is really simple. You don't have to fill a bucket with rice and pour it on your head; all you have to do is cook some food or buy some food and donate it to the poor and hungry people on the streets.

      It is estimated that 32.7% of the Indian population live on less than US$ 1.25 per day. So, taking up this challenge will not only make you feel good but it will also help those poor and hungry people who don't get enough food to eat. Statistically, India accounts for One-third of the total poor population and also it is found that undernourishment kills more people than malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined every single year. This brings us to the conclusion that the cause which has much more importance has been ignored. By this I don't mean that I'm against any ALS donation. The point here is about our priorities; we can't ignore those 1.2 billion poor people who are undernourished for the sake of 100,000 people. Donating some food to these people will not affect us and our pockets. If people around the world start feeding the poor, then the world will be different from what it is now. How? well, people who are poor are misguided by the bad people around the globe, and those poor people are carried away by them, but it is not their fault that they are poor. They do it just to survive. They are the easy target for criminals. So, think about it. Your small act of kindness will not only feed them but will also save them from doing wrong things.

      I'm not telling you to feed hundreds of people, you can even start small by feeding one or two. A lot of you maybe thinking that feeding one or two won't make a difference at all, so why feed poor people? Well, every drop in the ocean counts. So, helping one or two is also enough. If people start promoting this challenge and if by any chance this becomes viral, then a big change can happen. Now, your question will be that how much time will it take to reduce the undernourishment population to almost zero and surprisingly it will not take years, but those billion undernourished people will be healthy in a matter of few months. My humble request to all the people will be, to take this challenge and feed some poor people. It really feels good inside.

My family and I have completed this challenge and will do so again and again. Now its your turn to take on this challenge, complete it and share it with your friends on social networking sites, so that more people become aware.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Are you really an Indian?

Let me tell you a story which will make you aware of the current situation in India.

      An American visited India and went back to America after few months. He met his Indian friend who asked him, How did you find my country? The American said it is a great country with solid ancient history and immensely rich with natural resources. The Indian friend then asked, how did you find Indians? to that the American replied that "Indians? Who Indians? I didn't find or meet a single Indian there in India". The surprised Indian friend asked the American guy, "What nonsense? Who else could you meet in India then?" to this the American  guy replied that,
In Kashmir, I met a Kashmiri...
In Punjab, I met a Punjabi...
In Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, I met a Bihari, Marathi, Marwadi, Bengali, Tamilian and Malayali.

Then I met,
  • A Hindu,
  • A Muslim,
  • A Christian,
  • A Jain,
  • A Buddhist,
  • A Sikh
and many more. But not a single Indian did I meet.

      The reason behind me sharing this story with you all is because this is the current situation in India. When someone asks you "Who are you?", the only reply we get is that, You're Punjabi / Maharashtrian / Hindu / Muslim / Jain or many more such answers. But you are forgetting who you really are, we all are Indians and we should be proud to say that also.

      Some of you maybe thinking that what change will it bring by just saying that or believing that we are Indian. But it can bring a lot of change which you might not have thought about. If you say you're hindu or muslim then you're representing that caste, if you say you're Maharashtrian or Punjabi then you're representing that State. But if you say you're an Indian, then you are representing India as a whole to the whole world. And what change will it bring? The change will be immense. If you believe that you're an Indian then you will not think of a particular caste or particular region or state, but instead you will think about the country as a whole.

      Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqulla Khan, Chandra Sekhar Azad and many such more great people had never ever thought about their caste or region when they did something. They believe that they are Indians and fought for the freedom of the country which you all are enjoying today, and yet so many of you regret saying that you're an Indian. This is really a disappointing fact which comes to light when we interact with the people in India.

      If you could change your mindset and work towards the benefit of others then not only our country but the whole world will change. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. You have the power to change the world and no one can even steal this power from you. It is you who can do something to change the future and bring about a better tomorrow. And Most importantly, rather than blaming the society to bring the change or blaming the government to bring the change is lame. We should change our way of thinking towards each other and help each other. In this world, where there are many selfish people who are working for their own self interest, if some people started bringing some change and started helping each other out, then you can imagine how our country and how the world will be. Then it will not be about someone or someplace, but it will be about everyone and everyplace in the world. What will be the difference between animals and humans? If we all as human beings, forget what is Humanity and start working for our own selfish interest as many of us are doing now.

Change yourself and not your profile picture on social networking sites. Then the nation will change automatically.
I'm Proud to be an Indian and my only request to you all is,

Sunday, July 27, 2014

How to deal with failure

     Many of us think of failure as the end of their life but that is not true. Failing is not something that shows us we are incapable of doing something, it shows that we have tried something. Trying is important because when you don't try, you have already failed.

      If someone says to you that your luck or your destiny is bad and you cannot do anything with it and you have to live with that failure for the rest of your life, then ask them, "Why can't  I change my destiny and why can't I change my luck?", and the answer will come that it is not in your hand, while the fact is that it is in your hand. The way you do things and the amount of hard work you put in something defines you and not your luck or destiny. You alone have the power to change your destiny and no one else.

      Many of you must have heard about an old saying, "Kise pe Zulm karna paap hain par zulm sehna usse bhi bada paap hain(It is evil to do injustice but it is more evil to endure the injustice)". But think of a situation, when someone wanted to do something and he/she has only 1 chance, at that moment many of you, almost 90% of the people, try to demotivate them by saying that you can't do it. That is the moment when the person fails in his/her task. If you think of this situation carefully you may realize that this is actually worse because someone is trying to do something and you're demotivating them by saying that you can't do it.

      There are times when you will fail but life doesn't end there. There are people who will tell you to quit if you can't do it. But there are only 10% who will give you genuine reasons to quit. Those are the people I like most. They are your helping hand towards what you want to do. But that doesn't mean if they tell you to quit you obey them blindly, you should listen to them carefully, ponder on the problem and ask yourself, "How can I overcome this?". If you have the answer then you can go ahead with your task.

      Recently I heard a story of 2 boys who were the very best of friends. One was of 7 years while the other was of 10 years. Once they went somewhere and the older boy fell into the well and he didn't know how to swim. He was yelling for help, so his best friend looked around for help, but no one was there. The 7 year old went to look for a solution and he saw a rope and bucket. He quickly picked it up and threw it in the well and told his best friend to hold on. The boy despite his small stature was able to lift the 10 year old boy because he was determined to succeed. Soon, after saving him, both were thinking that if they tell their friends and family about this no one would believe them. As it turned out they were right and no one believed them except an old man. The old man explained to the family that they were able to accomplish this impossible task because there was no one to demotivate or doubt whether the little boy could do it. The boy had to succeed or else his best friend would die. The thought of losing his friend motivated the little boy and helped him succeed.

      Even if you failed at something or think you will fail at something, it shouldn't stop you from trying. Failure is a sign saying that you tried to accomplish something in your life and you stood for it. Your focus should be on the task rather than the reward you will get on finishing said task. There are people who work because they love it and people who do a job they hate just because the pay is good.

      Imagine this is the last day of your life and you can either be depressed thinking that you're going to die the next day OR you can live your last day to the fullest. If you choose the second option then you will be the one who is UNSTOPPABLE, no one can demotivate you because you will always listen to your heart not to what others say. Be it 1 person or 1 lac people doubting you, your reaction to them will be, "Yes, I will do it and no one can stop me". You should follow your heart and do what it says rather than listen to people who are afraid to try something new out of fear.

There's a difference between a loser and a winner and that I will show you with the help of a quote,

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Money can't buy Happiness

      A lot of people think that money can buy happiness, while some believe otherwise. In a way, both arguments are correct, but the first one is valid only when we use money for the well being of others and not entirely for ourselves. Like if we are donating some money or buying some food for poor people with all our heart then it will give you true happiness. It is only possible when we truly want to help others and not when we want to showoff.

      A spate of retail therapy is said to be good for boosting your mood, but it turns out spending money doesn't always buy happiness, especially if you're materialistic. It also brings us to a point that when you depend on things to be happy then you're soon going to be bored with it and will no longer will be happy to have it or buy some more things. Let me relate this with a real life example, How many of you love spending time either with your friends/family? Almost everyone. Why? because they are fun to be around and you understand each other well and help each other out whenever possible. But, if I ask some of you to spend some hours with your best friend and spend some hours with your gadgets which you like, then the result will be that you will have more fun and will be more happy when you spend time with your best friend rather than spending time playing around with gadgets. From this we can conclude that things or gadgets cannot give us happiness in long term but they can give us temporary happiness. 

      Have you ever got suddenly happy when you saw an infant smiling and you start playing with that infant even if you don't know the child? The Answer to this will be, Yes, for most people. Infants can bring such joy to us, have you ever wondered why? It is because human beings are meant to share their happiness with people around them and that is simply because happiness never decreases when shared, it only increases.

      You all might have thought and hoped that a lottery win will make you happy forever. Think again, because evidence suggests a big payout won't make that much of a difference. Many of us do think that it will make us happy forever, but it doesn't. Winning the lottery isn't a ticket to true happiness, however enticing it might be to imagine never working again and being able to afford anything you want. One study famously found that people who have big wins on the lottery ended up no happier than those who have bought tickets but didn't win. It seems that as long as you can afford to avoid the basic miseries of life, having loads of spare cash doesn't make you much happier than having very little.

      Happiness isn't a quality like height,weight,etc which could be measured, in fact a lot of people try to measure happiness so that they can make most out of it, but happiness can't be measured by anyone in this world. It even seems like the very act of trying to measuring it can distract us from what might make us most happy. An important study by Christopher Hsee of the Chicago School of Business and colleagues showed how this could happen.

      Hsee's study was based around a simple choice: participants were offered the option of working at a 6-minute task for a gallon of vanilla ice cream reward, or a 7-minute task for a gallon of pistachio ice cream. Under normal conditions, less than 30% of people chose the 7-minute task, mainly because they liked pistachio ice cream more than vanilla. For happiness scholars, this isn't hard to interpret - those who preferred pistachio ice cream had enough motivation to choose the longer task. But the experiment had a vital extra comparison. Another group of participants were offered the same choice, but with an intervening points system: the choice was between working for 6 minutes to earn 60 points, or 7 minutes to earn 100 points. With 50-99 points, participants were told they could receive a gallon of vanilla ice cream. For 100 points they could receive a gallon of pistachio ice cream. Although the actions and the effects are the same, introducing the points system dramatically affected the choices people made. Now, the majority chose the longer task and earn the 100 points, which they could spend on the pistachio reward -- even though the same proportion (about 70%) still said they preferred vanilla.

      Based on this, and other experiments, Hsee concluded that participants are maximizing their points at the expense of maximizing their happiness. The points are just a medium, something that allows us to get the thing that will create enjoyment. But because the points are so easy to measure and compare -- 100 is obviously much more than 60 -- this overshadows our knowledge of what kind of ice cream we enjoy most. So next time you are buying a lottery ticket because of the amount it is paying out, or comparing jobs by looking at the salaries, you might do well to remember to think hard about how much the bet, or job will really promote your happiness, rather than simply relying on the numbers to do the comparison. Money doesn't buy you happiness, and part of the reason for that might be that money itself distracts us from what we really enjoy.

     If you do something which can make others happy then, you will have the same feeling as I have at the moment and I will say it with the help of a quote,

Do you agree with me? You can comment below and share your views regarding it.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Disability is the new ability

      Often people with disability are regarded as people who cannot do anything in their life, but if someone encourages them to do something then they are the people who could make the most out of their lives.

      You might have heard about Stephen Hawking. A British theoretical physicist, whose world-renowned scientific career spans over 40 years. His books and public appearances have made him an academic celebrity and he is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a lifetime member of Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and in 2009 was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. Stephen Hawking is severely disabled by motor neuron disease. Hawking gradually lost the use of his arms, legs and voice, and as of 2009 was almost completely paralyzed. As you can see, with those many disabilities anyone would think of dying as the best option. But people like him are the ones who show the rest of the world that disabilities are not meant to stop someone's life, they are meant to make you stronger and more stronger.

      If we think of learning disability there are many great people who had learning disabilities but have achieved a lot more in their life. You might know a few or almost all of these people who had learning disabilities, they are as follows: 

  1. Walt Disney who was an American business magnate, animator, cartoonist, producer, director, screenwriter, philanthropist and a voice actor and yes, he was co-founder of "The Walt Disney Company".                                                                                                                 
  2. Albert Einstein, you all know about his achievements in the field of science and technology.                                                                                                                                                    
  3. Alexander Graham Bell who was an eminent engineer, inventor and innovator who is credited with inventing the first practical telephone.                                                                                                                 
  4. Thomas Edison a great inventor who had over 1000 patents and his inventions are in various fields used in our daily life could not read till he was twelve. His most popular invention is the electric light bulb. He also developed the telegraph system.                                                                                                                 
  5. George Washington could barely write and had very poor grammar skills and the list goes on.

      As you could all see the achievements made by these great people have an immense effect on the world even after having disabilities in their life. We should all learn something from them. If we don't get something in life or lack the skills to do something or even if someone is better than us then we blame the other person, our luck, our destiny and our knowledge. But this should not stop us from achieving what matters to us. A quote by John Burroughs which is rightly said, says,
A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame someone else. -John Burroughs
Life is all about doing what you like and spreading happiness in the world. Disability is disability for those who look at it as a disability while some other look at it as a challenge. The meaning of disability varies from person to person. A man named "Jahid" who doesn't have one leg, came in Roadies(a youth-based popular reality television show in India) and got selected, and when you see his audition video and episodes from Roadies then you will be shocked. He has done all those things which would be difficult for even a normal person to do. For his audition video, you can click here.On the day of audition, the judges asked him, "How would you perform tasks when you don't have one leg and you are disable?" to this he replied that "I don't have one leg but I'm not handicap. A handicap is a person who cannot do anything and I can do things and can perform task". It is all about how we look at each other and how we look at things. If we have right attitude towards every other person then we can help each other out and make this world a better place to live in.

      So, here comes a quote which I would like to say,

Friday, June 27, 2014

Why we do what we do?

      We all have Great Minds and we can achieve anything if we believe in it. Why we do what we do? This is the question surprisingly many of us don't think about. But when you sit down and think about it, you can feel the change you need. We as human beings tend to achieve our goals either by our passion or by putting everybody down and climbing up the ladder. These are the different paths which people take, they are either going to achieve their goals by helping people or by putting them down. Both of these have the same goal but what really matters and is right is the first path. When you contribute to people and help them achieve their goals, you are actually helping yourself to be a better human being and as a result you will be achieving your goals. We human beings are meant to help each other out. For example, your friends and family, who help you at your difficult times. But why do they do it? because they know that you will be ready to help them when they need you.

      Many of us have failed to achieve something in life and when we ask them why did you fail at something you wanted so passionately? The Answer will be that they didn't have the Time, Money, Technology, Experience, Contacts,etc. But if you think about it, those are not the reasons they failed, it is that Inner Drive/force which helps us to achieve something in our life. If someone really wants to achieve something they will find a way to achieve it, no matter what. Even if the person doesn't have money or technology, despite that, he will find a solution. It is not about all the things that I mentioned above but it is about that Inner Force which you need, to do something and contribute to the society. Though the things mentioned above can be one of the obstacles but obstacles are overcomed by people who dare to dream and dare to achieve their goals.

      Sometimes you have all the creativity,technology and time and you are ready to do everything possible to achieve your goals and contribute to society and help each other out, but maybe you are missing that inner force you need in order to boost you up and start achieving it. That Inner Force can be easily activated either by watching a video, talking to someone, reading stories, reading books or even reading a blog.

Let me give you some examples:
      Steve Jobs who started Apple in his garage(do you really think people were going to take it seriously that time?), Mark Zuckerberg a college dropout who made one of the most popular social networking site, Facebook. Also there are Indian Inventors, whom you might not know well, they are Vinod Dham (popularly known as the Father of Pentium Chip) who contributed to the development of the highly successful Pentium processors from Intel, Sabeer Bhatia who founded Hotmail email service, Ajay Bhatt who helped define and develop several widely used technologies like USB (Universal Serial Bus), AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI Express and various other technologies, and the list does not end here. They all faced obstacles while inventing those things, but they didn't give up.

      Albert Einstein, when he was at school his teachers told his parents that he would not be able to contribute much to society and now we know how much he has contributed to the whole world. Obstacles didn't stop them from achieving their goals. On the contrary, most of us do a job or study only because of the money. They don't want to achieve something in life or chase their dream. They might be having passion to do something else, but because of the peer pressure from the society they could not do it. But, if that had stopped Albert Einstein from learning and inventing things then the world would not have developed much.

      If you still don't know why you are doing what you are doing, get up and follow your heart because it can lead you to things which matter the most and the things that you love doing. True Happiness is often achieved when you love what you are doing or when you do what you love. And that happiness will lead you to success and your life will be amazing. At the end I would say with the help of a quote that,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Power of Storytelling

      If I told you that there was a guy named "John Montagu" who loved to play cards and he was so much into it that at the time of eating also he used to play cards with one hand and eat with the other. This was one of the problems that he used to face because he can't eat properly with only one hand. So he came up with an idea to eat meat putting it in between slices of toast, which would allow him to finally eat and play cards at the same time. Eating his newly invented "sandwich", the name for 2 slices of bread with meat in between, became one of the most popular meal inventions in the western world.

      John Montagu was a British politician and aristocrat in 1748. You will notice that you will never likely forget the story of who invented the sandwich ever again. Or, you are very less likely to forget it and if it would have been in bullet form or presented in other information based forms then you are likely to forget it faster. That's the power of storytelling. For over 27,000 years, since the first cave painting were discovered, telling stories has been one of our most fundamental communication methods.

      Here is the science around storytelling and how we can use to make our decisions better.

How our brains become more active when we tell stories:

      We all enjoy a good story whether it is a novel, book, movie or simply anything one of our friends is explaining to us that they've experienced. Why do we feel so much engaged when we hear the narrative about events?

      In fact if we see it is quite simple. If we listen to a powerpoint presentation with boring bullet points in it, there are certain parts of the brain which gets activated and that is Broca's area and Wernicke's area, which is used for language processing. It just connect words with meaning and that's it, nothing else.

      When we are told stories though, things drastically changes found researchers in Spain. They found out that not only does the language processing area of the brain gets activated, but also the other areas of the brain which would have been activated if you had actually experienced the events which are told to you. A story can put your whole brain to work. And yet, it gets better. When we tell stories to others that have really helped us shape our way of thinking and way of life, we can have that same effect on them too. The brains of the person telling a story and the person listening to it can actually synchronize, says Uri Hasson from Princeton:
“When the woman spoke English, the volunteers understood her story, and their brains synchronized.  When she had activity in her insula, an emotional brain region, the listeners did too.  When her frontal cortex lit up, so did theirs. By simply telling a story, the woman could plant ideas, thoughts and emotions into the listeners’ brains.”
      Anything you have experienced, you can get others to experience the same. Or at least, get their brain areas that you've activated that way, active too. Why does all that happen? The simple answer to this is: We all are wired that way. A story, if broken down into the simplest form is a connection of cause and effect. And this is exactly how we think.

      Storytelling is one of the most powerful techniques that we as humans have to communicate and motivate. And lastly, I would finish this post with a quote and here it is,

Sunday, May 25, 2014

What makes a Good Leader?

      When you go back in the Paleolithic era, you will find that there were dangers everywhere trying to reduce the lifespan of humans. But, as the people live in groups/tribes that time because human beings are social animals. We love to interact with each other and help our people. The groups which were there in Paleolithic era used to have at least 1 leader which was brave and would do anything so that the people around him were safe. That feeling brings a good leader in someone. Actually back in that era they used to have deep feelings of trust and love towards each other. As there were dangers everywhere, they used to protect their people when they are sleeping at night so that the people can sleep in peace and feel protected. It is the sense of trust they had between them, that if someone felt asleep then the other person will protect them if some danger arrives. If I ask someone to trust me, will the person trust me? NO, because just by saying someone to trust you doesn't bring the trust in them, it is a feeling which comes from our heart. The tribe leaders tasted the food first before letting the rest of the tribes eat, so that the tribe would be safe from any toxic elements present in the food.

      This is the difference between a leader which is Good and the leader which is not. If you see in banking or business world then you will find that the people in the organization don't trust their fellow members. That's why a lot of people have visceral sense of hatred towards their bosses. It is not because they have a huge amount of difference between their salary and their bosses salary, it is because the employees know that the bosses had sacrificed their organization people to gain and get promoted. It is not about the numbers but it is about the people. Imagine if Mahatma Gandhi had got 100 million dollars for his contribution to the country by the government, will anyone disagree or think why the government is giving such a huge amount to Mahatma Gandhi, not at all. Like I said it is not about numbers it is about the sense of feeling towards each other because people know that Mahatma Gandhi had sacrificed himself so that the people may gain.

      There's a company named "Next Jump" in New York and his founder is Charlie Kim. Charlie says "If you get a job in Next Jump then you will never get fired". It is not because everyone in their organization is excellent or perfect, it is because when an employee gets into problem they help them and try to solve their problem rather then firing him. It is just like when you had a fight or issue in your college/school, your parents try to solve it. By doing this the morale of the company rises and the people in the organization try to help and coordinate each other more than ever. People like Charlie Kim are the people who believes in heart counts and not head counts. And when in the same organization someone asked a group of people individually that "Why would you help other employees around you? What makes you do that?". Every one of them replied the same and that was "Because they would had done it for me if they were in my place". It is this sense of trust and feelings that brings development and love towards each other.

      Further more if you want to know how a good leader is, you can take an example of your parents. They do everything for you, they provide you with good education, good opportunities, good food and teach you good things. They do everything that you couldn't imagine and they do it simply because you can achieve higher goals then they could have ever achieved or could have ever imagined. They motivate and inspire you, so that you can become a great person. They don't get anything in return except the happiness to see you achieving your goals. Good leaders are these people who sacrifice themselves so that you can live and be happy.

     And to conclude the post, here's a quote.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Heart touching Video

      This is one of the best video which I had came across while surfing on the Internet and I thought to share it with you all.
Watch it till the end and you will feel happy that you had seen this video. Hope, you will like it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fixed Mindset V/s Growth Mindset

    A lot of people face difficulties in their life but from that difficulties the people who stood up and face the difficulties are the actual winners. Winners are not the people who never failed, they are the people who choose not to quit. Recently, a study was conducted on students to see how some students can do very well in their academics while some don't.

    A group of researchers tried it out on 5th standard students at first. They had divided the students group into half and they were given a puzzle to solve which was an easy puzzle. After they had finished solving the puzzle and everyone has solved it, the researchers said the first group of students that "You might be very intelligent to solve this puzzle.", at the same time the other group was said that "You have worked really hard".

    After that, the 2 groups were given a choice to choose from, 1st problem was an easy one while the other was difficult. Most of the students which was from the 1st group choose the easy problem while the other group choose the difficult problem. After the evaluation of the marks on the basis of the solved problem the students were told to report their marks and the astonishing fact was that the students from the 1st group has shown a decline in the results to that of the students in the 2nd group and not only that, the students from the Fixed Mindset(i.e. 1st group of students) reported their marks wrong because they feel threatened seeing the success of others, while on the other hand the students from the 2nd group(i.e. Growth Mindset students) not only has done well as compared to their previous performance but they also had reported their marks correctly, because they were not having the fear of failure in them.

    This is where the concept of Fixed and Growth mindset came. Fixed mindset are the people who think they are intelligent, even if they are intelligent or not, but the fact is that they somewhat restricts their development of brain. They see efforts as something which is a waste of time and they see no point in making efforts to solve something, while on the other hand Growth Mindset people are those who see efforts as hard work and they try their best to get things done. Their intelligence is what we called a developing intelligence.

    If you give a challenge to a Fixed Mindset student and to a Growth Mindset student, you will see that the Fixed Mindset student will try to avoid the challenges and the Growth Mindset student will not only accept the challenge but will try his best to complete it. Studies has shown that the first group of students has shown a decline in the academic as well as logical thinking process while the 2nd group of students has shown increase in their academic as well as logical thinking process. The following image illustrates the difference between a fixed mindset and growth mindset.

And this is how the Growth Mindset people brain works:

    But, Fixed Mindset people can try to do what a Growth Mindset people do and with some efforts, they can convert their mindset into a Growth Mindset. Remember one thing, growth mindset people see failure as an opportunity and works hard to achieve their goal. For Growth Mindset people, intelligence is not fixed. It can rise or fall and that depends on how hard you work. If you follow what a growth mindset people do then you can also be a part of Growth Mindset and you will feel happiness in what you are doing.

  At the end I would say,

Saturday, February 22, 2014


         You maybe thinking that how can a person be curious about things around them?. The Answer is "You are born Curious". Curiosity is that skill which is present in every individual. Recently, I heard a quote saying that "If you can light a spark of curiosity in a child, they will learn without further assistance". This is because children are natural learners and so are we. Curiosity doesn't need anything for its existence. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. 

        If we pick a very basic example of Thomas Edison, then you will know that Thomas Edison tried almost 2000 different materials in search of a filament for the light bulb. When all the materials didn't worked as per his expectations, then his assistant complained, "All our work is in vain. We have learned nothing." to that Edison replied very confidently, "Oh, we have come a long way and we have learned a lot. We know that there are Two Thousand elements which we cannot use to make a good light bulb." Thomas Edison was determined and curious about what he was doing. He didn't stopped even when failing so many times, which most of us would give up. That's the Power of Curiosity.

        Few days back I saw a small child about 7 years old, his mom was teaching him something about environment and she told him that when the sunlight falls on the water, the water transforms into water droplets and evaporates in the atmosphere thus forming clouds which later on give rains. Listening to this, the child immediately went to pick up a small cup from the kitchen, poured some water in it and kept that cup in the balcony where sunlight was coming. When I asked him, "Why are you keeping this cup filled with water in the balcony?", he replied to me smiling, "I'm giving water to clouds". From this incident we can learn 2 things from that child:
  1. He was keen to know how it works (i.e. He was curious to know that how water can be transformed into water droplets and later on form clouds).
  2. He actually tested whether what he heard just now was right or wrong.
        Many researchers and scientists, invented new technology not only because they have knowledge but they were curious to know about things and they were not afraid to fail at times. If you remember, when we were young and we don't know how to walk, at that time we had fall many times while walking, still we had tried our best to walk without any assistance and we did succeed. Some started walking early while some started a bit late. It is not about when you started, it's about whether you had given your best shot or not. If Biologist were not curious enough to know about How the Human Body Works then doctors were not able to save lives of people which they are doing now with such an ease. So, try to be curious and explore the various things around yourself. 

        If I'm able to spark curiosity in you by this post, then I will be happy because making someone curious is like contributing to the whole mankind.