Friday, December 5, 2014

Positivity can do Miracles

      Positive Thinking is the key to live a Happy Life. If you are positive in your daily work and daily life then you will surely love your life so much that you will never escape from it.

      But here, the question arrives that “How to stay Positive in life when life comes in front of you and push you down every time?” Well, the answer to that question is in the question itself. When life tries to push you down every time, then at that moment all you have to do is stop complaining and carry on with your work. No matter how hard it seems but when you cultivate a habit that every time when you are in difficulty you will stand up and fight it. Then there will come a time when life will get fed up to even bother you.

      If we notice carefully, then there is nothing difficult in life, you can experience this by yourself. Do you know why some people find something difficult but that same thing is easy to other person? The answer is simple, the person who feels something easy, is positive and will think positive about that work no matter what, while the first person who was finding it difficult will not.

      Let’s take a very common example which you all might had experienced or will experience at least once in lifetime. Remember the time, when there is final exam in just few days and you have to study for a subject. Then you all get tensed due to memorizing things and whether you will pass or get good marks or not. You might be thinking, “Yeah, that we know, so what?” Well, here if you analyze properly you will get to know few things. First, when you are not positive about your studies, no matter how much you study for that subject you will always feel that you had missed something or you don’t remember what you had learned properly. Resulting in getting tensed and you tend to revise those topics again and again and again. If you ask yourself just one question in this situation that why I’m doing this when I had already learned that topic? The Answer will come that you are not confident about your answer and why you are not confident because there is negativity filled in you. Negative thoughts make you worry about it and is wasting your precious time. What are those negative thoughts? They are thoughts like:
  • Whether I will Pass in this subject or not?
  • Whether I will score good marks or not?
  • What will my parents think if I fail or get less marks?
  • This subject is tough and it is out of understanding.

      These thoughts will only act as a rocking chair, it will keep you busy but you won’t get any good result out of it. You have to think again about this situation. Can these thoughts get you a Perfect score on your Marksheet? No. Then stop thinking like that. You have to start working instead of thinking, in order to get good result. If you want to think only then you can try to be positive. Secondly, if you are positive in this situation then even if you study on the very last day just before your exam then also you will be able to score a decent marks in that exam. Why? Because you were positive and you were not busy thinking about those useless thoughts. Your only focus was on studying that subject and not on thoughts. Positive thinking plays an important role here. The person who is positive, will tend to learn better than the ones who were not positive, even if he/she learned less than everyone out there. But still whatever they learned about the subject, they will remember it. Positive thinking can do wonders which many people don’t know.

Here, many of you may be thinking that in life it is not easy to stay positive all the time. To them I will say that staying positive in life is not easy and it is an illusion. While staying positive is also an illusion. But the illusion which you choose now will become your reality in future. That is, if you try to be positive now then being positive in the future will be easy. While, on the other hand if you chose the illusion which says that staying positive is not easy then in near future you will make your life even more difficult. Choice is in your hand, whether you want to live a better life by thinking positive or not. Nothing is difficult until you think it is difficult.

Lastly, I will end up with a quote saying,

Positive Thinking