Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best Motivational video

      Recently, I had seen a video which will motivate you in just few minutes. It is one of the best motivational video that I had ever came across and I would like to share this video with you all guys.

After seeing this video you will surely do what you want to do and make the most out of your life.

All the Best for your future!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The day when I started learning C language

      It was my 2nd semester at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College when we were introduced to a subject called SPA(i.e. C Programming). I always wanted to learn to code something and make some useful program out of it, so during my 2nd semester I was excited to learn C language. The college started and we were having lectures and practicals to develop our C Programming language skill. At the beginning we were taught how to think logically to develop a program and also how to write an algorithm and make a flowchart so later we can code in C language using that logic.

      I used to pay attention to this kind of subjects, because these were the subjects which I like the most. At the start it was difficult for me to write algorithm and draw a flowchart, as the days passed I managed to write a proper algorithm and it was my first step to learn programming. Also, we were taught the basic steps and syntax which was required to start coding in C language. During every practical hours, we were given a problem statement and we were told to solve it on our own. At the start I used to face problems in the practical and I had spent even 2-3 hours thinking about how to write even a simple Fibonacci program which will take a limit from the user and print Fibonacci numbers till that limit.

      As the days passed, I got the hang of it and started coding all by myself. It was strange but I always used to code first and then write the algorithm on that code, maybe because I used to think of the logic in my mind and after that start to code instead of writing an algorithm.

      For all C enthusiastic, let me give you a tip on how to solve any pattern given to you.
 Lets analyse this triangle.

  1. It is a star pattern, so print statement will require "*" in it.
  2. Here 3 triangles are there and we have to print spaces in between.
  3. Four loops would be required. One for different lines and one for each triangle.
  4. So, one outer loop would be required with three inner loops.
  5. As line number increases, number of stars in 1st and in 3rd triangle will decrease,One thing you should realize that number of spaces at each line increases by 2 i.e twice the number of line. 
  6. So the loop goes as follows.
  for(i=0;i<n;i++)                //Outer Loop
    for(j=0;j<n-i;j++)            //Runs for n-i times to print star
      printf("*");                    //1st Inner Loop
    for(k=0;k<(2*i);k++)    //Runs for 2*i times to print spaces
      printf(" ");                   //2nd Inner Loop
    for(m=0;m<n-i;m++)   //Runs for n-i times to print star
      printf("*");                  //3rd Inner Loop
    printf("\n");                  //To move to next line

      Lastly, I would like to thank my SPA (i.e. C Programming Language) subject teacher for all the help and support I needed and would like to dedicate this quote to her.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Long, Easy yet Difficult Sem-2 Maths Paper

      As usual, I reached college early in the morning to study a little bit before the exams get started. It was a fine day until I started writing my sem-2 Maths paper. When I got the question paper in my hand every question which was there in the paper was easy for me. So, I started solving my maths paper, finished my 1st compulsory question correctly and was happy about it, after that I started solving my 2nd set of questions and it was having 3 sub questions.

      Soon, I wrote my 1st sub question and had finished it completely, when I got my final answer to the question I was having a doubt about the correctness of the answer. Then I started verifying that answer and I found that the answer was wrong, in order to get that answer correct I had to debug the solved sum and I found that I had done a silly mistake in the middle of the sum. I had to repeat the whole the sum and I did it. By this time I had wasted some of my time.
Little bit of tension started building up as I had wasted some of my time but I knew that I can complete my paper in time.

      Soon, after that as I was attempting the other sub questions the same thing happened again and again and again, It was making me frustrated and at that point I even thought that "I'm not gonna write this maths paper anymore." and I stopped for a while trying to relax in that difficult situation which was not possible at that moment. At that time suddenly on my mind a quote came up which was:

      This quote is funny yet enough inspiring to make you realize that you should never give up in life no matter what happen and how hard it is. This realization made me determined to write the paper even after writing repeatedly wrong answers and still correcting those answers and moving forward to write new answers. I told to myself that "I'm going to write the paper and finish it up." and I continued to write my paper.

      After some time the bell rang and the time was over, but still I had not written some answers which totals up to 20 marks out of 80 marks paper. I know that I should feel bad about it that I had not attempted 20 marks of questions but still I was happy to the fact that I tried my best and even when I was about to give up, I continued writing my paper and attempted a whole lot of answers.

      Few months later, results came up and my only tension was whether I got good marks in maths paper or not. I was amazed by the results which came up because I got good marks in my Maths paper even after leaving some questions.

      At that point of time, Life has taught me 1 important lesson that everyone should follow in their life that We Should Never Give Up. Lastly, I should say that,

Tension is bad for your health as well as for the exams.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Project X

      Recently, I had taken part in an event called as Project X which was held in my college, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College(TSEC) and was organized by the committee IEEE.
I was excited to be a part of it, I had made my project which I called "Sixth Sense". I was happy to the fact that the Project didn't create any problem and was working fine as I thought it would be working.At the Event I had to explain people how my project works and what all features it had in it.
      I had made the Laptop and Tablet camera connected to each other using WiFi so I can use the tablet camera as a webcam. It was a color tracking program which would track the color blocks which I had attached to my fingers and on the laptop it would act like a mouse. So, now I was able to move my hand in air and the laptop will track my fingers and will do as I do.
      It was having various features like:
1) Draw: With my fingers moving in front of camera in the air, I was able to draw something in the laptop without touching or picking anything and actually drawing it.

2) Clock: This feature had a clock animation which was been displayed in the laptop and with your hand you can move it and also if you got a projector then u can project it as well.

3) Take Pictures: With just your hand gesture, you would be able to take pictures from the camera and it would get directly stored in the hard disk of the laptop.

4) Gallery: The pictures which you had taken from the camera and the pictures which was stored in the laptop will be seen here in the gallery.

5) Google Earth: With the help of Google Earth Plugin which was freely available in the internet. I had incorporated that plugin in my project, so whenever I use that feature I was able to do various things using just my hands, which I would have done using computer mouse like zoom in to your location where you stay or see a city which you want to see,etc
The Google Earth Plugin link:

     To me it was like living in the future, where you can do anything with just waving your hands in air. As the event was open to all (i.e. Anyone can come and see the every project which was there in Project X event), It was a platform for me to showcase my project to lots of people and also to the various teachers and members which had come from IEEE committee.

     I was happy by the fact that every single person who had seen my project liked my project and the thing which amazed me was that many people were giving me ideas on what all features I can put in the project and make it more interesting and useful. That was the moment which made me so happy and it made me realize that my hard work is not wasted. Soon the day got over and I was still not tired after explaining my project to a lot of people repeatedly. It was fun to take part in such events. Though I stood up 5th in the event, I was still happy by the response which I had got from everyone.

      I'm Thankful To My Parents and My Elder Brother who supported me every time when I need them and I'm also Thankful To My Friend Mayur Patel who had lend me his laptop when I need to showcase my project in the event as I was having problem with my PC.

      This was the pic of me which my friend had taken after the event was over. Here, I had drawn a smiley in the laptop with my hands waving in air.

      Lastly, I had to say something to everyone in the form of an image.